About us

Located in the heart of Saxony, Artelt-Enclit is a small and dynamic German pharmaceutical company specializing in the production of culture media for the detection of human and animal tuberculosis and paratuberculosis bacteria. Its history goes back to the former Saxon serum plant that pioneered the industrial production of culture media. Through the constant introduction of technical and diagnostic developments, the quality of the culture media has been significantly improved in recent years.

The company supplies hospitals, public agencies and clinical diagnostics laboratories throughout Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland with a product range of 12 different culture media, which enables particularly differentiated diagnostics. The use of two solid and one liquid culture media per patient is indeed the gold standard of tuberculosis diagnostics prescribed by relevant scientific and professional communities.

Today, Artelt-Enclit meets the challenges of digitalization and sustainability by adapting production processes to continue to guarantee our customers reliable quality and optimal delivery conditions.

For more information, contact us at info@enclit.de